T3 Head Detection Counter
95% accurate people head tracking and counting
Best choice for super market, shooping mall entrance
270° bracket, 5types placement
Max 5m detection width
4 customized counting areas and 3directions for each
IP67 waterproof design
-20℃ to 70℃ weather
Data Sheet
New Features
Easily to get accurate counting for any entrance
Wide Door
Max 5m width of doors for supermarket, shopping mall , assembly, conference hall, hotel hall and etc.

3 Directions counting: In numbers, out numbers and left and right numbers.
One camera can cover wide entrance, especially in lift and elevator area, it can count 3 directions footfall.  

Easily to judge visitors moving focus and the popular route. It will help to adjust the rent price .

Monitor promption area and product shelves attention time and footfall to analysis the better sales strategy.

Stores and market and the AD machine position

Benifits from Counter
Why people counter is essential ?
Trip Trends
Get passenger flow trend from every bus station to every store's area, reduce cost waste and earn higher deals
Compare and analysis passenger flow changes during weekends, festival, holiday and campaigns, improve attractive marketing measures
Conversion +
Management +
KPI shown deep problems in management and marketing, help improve the sales and conversion rate
Smart Flow Analysis
Accurate counting data never cheat you
, conversion rate, price per sale,  for all your stores and entrance hourly, daily, monthly/ yearly
Marketing Evaluation
Compare passenger flow changes after promotion and deal rate, only spend right money
Dynamic Analytics
Better layout in store according to real passenger moving trend by weekend, holiday, monthly, season
Powerful Functions
——  Rich Useful Data  ——
Visitor Count
Counting in and out, passed visitors by traffic, and ignored children records. KPI to show bad marketing, service, sales, or other problems
Queue Count
Detect the queue customers traffic and passing efficiency to improve service, creat new business
Attention Count
Record all interest visitors as real possible customers to buy your
products or service.
Sales Conversion
Payee traffic and attention traffic ratio analytics to determine number of people engaged on a specific area of interest
Fast Installation

Fast Installation

A easy job

Standard placement for most of entrances and doors
Wall Bracket
Special demands for outside passenger counting or special area passenger traffic counting
Flush Mount
Beautiful placement inserted into ceiling, espeically for corridors, cash counter, service centers
If the height is out of range of  counter  design, installers can use bracket to reduce the height before change camera
Drop Bracket
Counter Specifications

Counter Specifications

Different Hardware

advanced people counter size.jpg
DimensionDevice dimension (WxDxH): 246mm x 46mm x 28mm
Packing dimension (WxDxH): 255mm x 210mm x 55mm
WeightDevice: 0.4kg; Package: 0.6kg
UpgradeRemote upgrade
Power12V DC input, 1.5A max
OutputM12 to AV or BNC
Resolution704 *576
Frame Rate11fps
NetworkCat5, Cat6
TechnologyHead tracking technology
StorageMicro TF card optional
EnvironmentalOperating 10°C to 70°C, Humidity 10% to 95%
Storage   -40°C to 70°C, Humidity 10% to 95%
CasingAluminum oxide alloy, IP67 Water and dust resistant

Wide Applications

Wide Applications

Power commercial activities silently

Shopping Mall
Attractive Store and Plaza visitor traffic counting for every floor and lift and entrance
Regular customers counting for queue and deal speed, KPI management
Retail Chains
Daily Shopping customer counting for outside traffic, customer traffic and attention traffic
Scenic Spot
Public visitors counting to keep effective sales and nice service
Videos Gallery

Videos Gallery

Learn more details

Outside Traffic
Passed by passengers counting
Queue Counting
Waiting customers and areas
Placement Demo
Intalled with 270° bracket easily
Hardware Introduce
New powerful video people
Vistor Counting
In and Out traffic counting
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