Safe Driving Assistant
Friendly remind drivers when AI box kits detect alll possible dangers to rescue driver's life and property lose
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AI Kill Accidents
>90% accident can be prevented if drivers had 2seconds to correct their driving, only AI box can give the golden 2seconds before accident coming.
Dangers from other vehicles/passengers
Dangers from drivers
Car AI Box Kits—————————
Artificial Intelligence Box is the advanced device to connect the video input device and the mobile DVR, mainly for intelligent algorithm analysis and processing.-Intelligent algorithm analysis

Denger Remind
 Remote Alert
* Front Collision Warning (FCW)
* Distance monitoring and warning
* Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
* Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW)
ADAS Front Camera
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) aim to drastically reduce road accidents and the associated casualties by helping drivers avoid collisions altogether. It will react faster than any human, are constantly vigilant, and are already being adopted and deployed across various car segments, from premium to economy models.
Driver Monitoring Camera
Driver Monitoring System. The system's functions co-operate with the Pre-Collision System (PCS). The system uses HD sensors to monitor driver attentiveness. With AI box,it can monitor driver status.
* Fatigue Driving Warning(FDW)
* Hand Phone Warning(HPW)
* Driver Smoking Warning(DSW)
* Driver Distraction Warning(DDW)
* No Driver Warning(NDW)
Fleet Safety  Management
Live fleet accident-proof system to monitor every driver
Protect all your buses, trucks, taxis far away accidents with live fleet management platform.
Safety Platform

Safety Platform

Online fleet safety control and management

Front Collision Warning
Hand Phone Warning
Driver Smoking Warning
Fatigue Driving Warning
Distance Warning
Lane Departure Warning
Detected Videos
Sample Test
We can offer free used sample to test for specific projects or our distributors.
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