Advanced Bus People Counter

High Accuracy

Popular in 7,000+ city bus, mini bus, vans, school bus, BRT, stations and others high buildings

Easy Setup

Just simple configuration, our passenger counter will show exact passenger numbers at once.

Work Group

Only change LAN IP to build a group and count togather for wide door, multi-door stores or buses

Unique Features

Unique Features

Differents from other products

Short Space——————————
Special Arithmetic
Unique design to detect very short height and irregular movement of mini bus
Door Always Open——————————
Timely Upload
Smart door sensor control with timely station records upload make all data in order
No fixed Station
Map Tracking
Connected with special 3G router and GPS tracker, boss can track their buses and vans in the map
Vehicle-use Quality
Prevent damages from heavy vibration, temperature and human hits,  washing water and others
High Standard
New Improvements
User experience except accuracy data
Easy to Install
270degrees adjustable bracket,  any position, anybody can place it
Safety Backup
30days data backup in counter and remote upload  all data to private server
Simple Setup
Only save background image after placement is ready
Smart Analysis
Rich charts to show analysis result by time and positions without traning
Why People Counting Accurately

Why People Counting Accurately

Different and professional design

Head Counting
3D Stereo cameras count head and shoulder
only to distiguish body from other objects

Double Counting Lines
Algorithm prevent waver from the counting records.  And easily shown in and out numbers serperately

Door Control
Stop repeat counting closed to the door during
driving, and generate station records
800Mhz Dual Core DSP
Powerful and reliable industrial level DSP for 4CH 7200P, offer the high speed image process

BPC Video Center

BPC Video Center

Video demo




Counting Demo Passenger counting accuracy demo
98% Accuracy Demo
Real people counting effect in real bus
IPAS 3.0
Learn features of new IPAS 3.0 system
Reduce Waste
Cut big cost on ticket-checking and remove low occupancy
Prevent ticket income
loss by drivers and ticket
frauds at once
Protect Ticket
Creat new profitable line with value-added services
Government glad to offer few
subsidies and see a jam-free
New Income
Authority Support
System Benefits
Improvements our passenger counter brings
Applicated Vehicles

Applicated Vehicles

Any bus, any doors, any passenger

Mini Bus
City Bus
School Bus
Bus Passenger Flow Analytics
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