Learn Video Customer Counter

Learn Video Customer Counter

Why other stores are hot

Hot stores with high footfall traffic

Footfall traffic is the life of any stores. No footfall, no deals and no income. Without enough visits, any store, mall, park or stations will have to be shut down. No boss would like to waste their money on cold business without good traffics and deals.

Passenger data = buyer data * transcation rate. Higher passenger data usually means better deals for any stores or business areas. With accuracy counting data, managers can freely learn passenger flow trends to improve their business, for example, to change display orders of product by hot passenger route, to place more attractive advertisement by customers ages and habit.

Values of People Counting

Values of People Counting

Useful Data


· Adjust distribution of stores and product display along passenger trend

· Learn attraction rate and the busy degree of each area.

· Effectively assess the investment and marketing activities held.

· Dispatch property management and guards.

· improve the service quality and conversion rate ;

· Increase the efficiency of marketing and sales promotion

· Objectively determine the level of rental price;

· Evaluate and optimize advertising and promotion budgets;

· Decide how much of the discount.

· To set the best operation time range;

· Take precautions against high flow area on safety and promotion

· Emergency measures, and real-time observation

Reamol Binocular People Counter

Reamol Binocular People Counter

Real High Accuracy

  • The number and direction of customers can be identified.

  • Every entry and exit can be detected simultaneously by many people.

  • It can detect the number of people entering or leaving the customer at the same time.

  • It is also possible to identify two-way access to and leave customers.

  • Statistics point location, even if the customer stays for a long time, does not affect the statistics of other customers.

  • Each floor needs to be counted separately.

  • All statistics of passenger flow data are displayed directly in the client management software interface.

  • In the client management software, you can display all kinds of reports that relate to passenger flow data analysis.

  • Through the company's internal network or Internet network, the passenger flow data of the floors are aggregated.

  • Head office computer displays real-time passenger flow information of each floor, daily peak passenger flow, holiday passenger flow, daily maximum passenger flow and so on.

  • Statistical software can be analyzed according to passenger flow information data.

  • Generate various statistical reports to provide data basis for management decisions.

Main Features

Main Features

People Counter Hardware

  • Strong, light and reliable

  • Simple installation anywhere

  • Multi-door, Multi-floor, high doors, wide doors and low doors

  • User-friendly software

  • Stereo vision camera

  • Built in LED lights

  • Adapt to various environmental

  • High precision count >97%

  • IP65 level environmental seal

  • Low power consumption

  • 24V/48V POE

Solution Typical

Solution Typical

Shopping Mall People Counting

AI-Store Reporter

AI-Store Reporter

Powerfual Footfall Analytics

  • Total visit for every store, mall or building

  • Live customers in the store, mall or building

  • Peak analysis

  • Sales, Conversion rate anaylysis

  • Parking cars and driving customers Summary

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly analysis

  • Promption auto compare

  • Rich charts

  • People counter health checking

  • Others

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