3 Methods of Passenger Counting in Clothing Stores

The key point of garment store passenger counting is to help improve store management and deals, find problems accurately for specific store, realize chain store visitor traffic management, increase turnover, etc. Therefore, learning the method of garment store passenger counting is a good assistant of the manager's daily operation and management.

I. Manual Click Counting

1. Arrange statisticians to hold a counter at the entrance of a designated clothing store. When a customer enters a store, record the number manually.

2. Arrange statisticians to conduct style extraction surveys and collect data results to the data analysis department for unified analysis.

3. Arrange analysts to analyze passenger traffic  passenger counting, and finally submit the results to headquarters.

II. POS System Counting

1. According to the transaction data of the order system, the default is that each order is "1" of the number of customers.

2. Statistical analysis based on the trade turnover rate is used to estimate the daily customer flow of clothing stores.

3. According to the situation of population flow in business circles, the passenger traffic  in each period is estimated.

Video People Counting

1. Install the Reamol Binocular Video People Counter in the important location, simple configuration, connected to the I-store Smart Store Passenger Traffic Analysis System.

2. Automatic acquisition of real-time passenger traffic  dynamics and inquiry of passenger traffic  movement and change rules.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of three methods

Manual passenger counting is not suitable for every clothing store and long-term demand for passenger counting. Long-term work will bring too much energy and high cost, which will eventually affect the accuracy of statistical data. Therefore, only sampling statistical data can be used as a reference.

POS estimation and passenger counting method is only for the people has payment. For other actual arrival of customers, the POS system can not show anything reliability, so it is only used as a reference.

Video passenger counting is the most reliable technical scheme of passenger counting at present. Using the combination of software and hardware, passenger traffic data will be used as automatic summary and analysis. The passenger counting system can import transaction data and provide the garment stores with the summary and analysis of passenger counting and transaction data. It is very suitable for general installation and use, and realizes a shop-by-shop strategy of targeted and personalized optimization scheme.

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