Want to people traffic and sales, clothing stores should do this

Through video analysis technology and people counting system, through mastering different periods of pass-by passenger traffic , incoming passenger traffic and conversion rate, at the same time, according to accurate passenger traffic data to arrange the best staff scheduling situation, in line with the peak and off-peak demand of passenger traffic , we can see what data are worth learning. After these cross-analysis data, stores began to improve the display of goods in stores, including line planning, commodity display location, replacement of cold door goods and so on.

I. Inner Environment and passenger traffic

On the basis of the quality of goods and services, store environment plays a very important role. Consumers can have a preliminary impression of the quality and price of products in the store by clues such as the appearance, decoration and display of products of women's clothing stores. Therefore, store environment has a certain influence on consumer purchasing intention and behavior. Sometimes, the influence of the environment in the store even surpasses the product itself. This is why the shopkeeper will choose the right sales location according to the location of the store. Through a week's Reamol people counting system, he can see the circulation situation in the consumer store as follows:

1. Shop Layout and Customer Attention

Firstly, store environment has a positive impact on perceived commodity quality. The design of store environment can be an important basis for customers to evaluate commodity quality.

Secondly, consumer satisfaction with product perception comes from the matching of store situation, commodity itself and service system as a whole. If environmental clues prompt consumers to infer that the store environment is positive, pleasant and low-risk, they will disappear. Consumers will have a positive attitude towards the store, and will be willing to spend more time and money in a comfortable environment. Through a week of monitoring data, it shows that consumers often look at the following areas of heat:

2. Price Promotion through passenger traffic Statistics

Through the statistical analysis system of Reamol passenger traffic , according to the statistics of visitors in a week and the above-mentioned efforts, price promotion is carried out to achieve the promotion of sales. Through the following data store owners set a fixed period of time price promotion strategy, in the premise of increasing consumer familiarity with the product, when consumers have a certain degree of awareness of the attributes of the product and consumers themselves: that is, the greater the consumer's awareness of the product, the higher the purchase intention. At this time, the promotion of price for consumers is to establish an important indicator of quality and value, consumers will use price as a basis to measure the quality of products and whether the money paid is worthwhile.

IV. Staff Scheduling Performance and Service Guarantee Management

Through the analysis and collation of a week's passenger traffic statistics, through the communication with the staff in the store, the following figure shows that consumer preferences of interest are close to each other and affect the purchase behavior. The information conveyed by the product itself is then assisted by human guidance to complete the purchase behavior. Consumer information is often purchased through their own or other people's purchasing experience, especially the less experienced consumers will rely on other people's sources of information.

To sum up, we can easily find that the key to the success of this clothing store is the correct campaign planning, comfortable shopping environment, reasonable in-store display, perfect price promotion system, and the improvement of staff service concept and performance management through the Reamol people counting system.

Therefore, it is difficult to improve the customer flow and sales volume of clothing stores by making good use of the Reamol Clothing passenger traffic  Statistical System (analyzing the large data of passenger traffic ).

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