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At present, chain stores or chain convenience stores, judging the quality of the store's operation, no longer only evaluate the People counter, but deeply analyze the key factors hidden behind the People counter to increase the customer unit price and the number of passengers.

The customer unit price, in general terms, is the average purchase amount of each customer. The average unit price of the goods and the average number of items purchased by each customer are two variables that restrict the unit price of the customer, that is, the unit price and quantity of the goods purchased by the customer. The higher the price, the higher the unit price.

The number of passengers is not equal to the traffic counting. The number of passengers is the number of customers who actually generate consumption. The traffic is calculated for the number of customers entering the store. If you want to convert the passenger traffic into as many votes as possible, you need to improve Bagging rate (into the store turnover rate) to achieve.

In the end, to increase the sales of the store, we must start from the factors that cause changes in the unit price and number of passengers. Managers should analyze the specific reasons for the change in sales according to the actual situation, use effective measures to continuously improve, continuously evaluate, cycle, and achieve the purpose of fully tapping the store's sales potential, and realize the long-term profitability of chain stores.

Can the traffic counting statistical analysis system solve the problem of the chain store?

1. surroundings

Analysis of environmental factors, mainly for the analysis of the business district where the store is located, to determine how much the environment can bring "innate passenger traffic" and who is the target customer base. It also indirectly determines the rent level of the location of the store.

2. Store

The store's factors mainly include two aspects. One is the intuitive appeal of the store, including the design and decoration of the storefront, lighting, color and overall layout. The pleasing store image itself has a strong visual impact and has direct guiding effect feedback to the customer. .

3. Goods

Conduct product heat analysis, adjust the shelf and reduce the inventory pressure of the products that are not concerned by the customer base, and further analyze the causes of the non-heat products, which causes the important factors of the products not selling well.

4. salesperson

By assessing employees' own quality, work mentality, customer affinity, service attitude and service level, sales ability and sales promotion skills are directly related to the store's traffic counting and bag-out rate, improve employee enthusiasm, thereby increasing sales and regulating stores. Professional behavior.

5. Promotions

Understand whether the traffic share generated by the event and the ad is enough, so you can directly evaluate the performance of the event or the effectiveness of the ad, and use it as a basis for market judgment.

6. Other value-added services

For example, the use of member linkage has increased the number of shop loyal customers.

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