The difference between the advantages of face recognition people counting analysis system


Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, the products produced in different fields can solve many problems for people. Face recognition applications are also widely used, but what is the difference between the face recognition people counting analysis system and the professional people counting analysis system?

Face recognition has developed earlier and is now seen in various fields. Face recognition is a biometric technology based on human facial features for identity recognition.

In enterprise, residential security and management, there are applications for face recognition, such as access control attendance systems, face recognition security doors and so on. There is also the addition of face recognition to our e-passports and ID cards. There are also more transactions today that use mobile phones to pay more. Therefore, in terms of information security, digital identity and real identity are unified.

However, the face recognition system can achieve satisfactory results under the condition that the user cooperates and the acquisition conditions are ideal. However, the face recognition rate is greatly reduced, such as shaving a beard, changing a hairstyle, having more glasses, changing an expression, etc., which is not ideal.

In and out of supermarkets, tourist attractions, and places to get on and off, the walking of passengers is irregular, and the environment affects the light more often. Therefore, the role of face recognition in people counting statistics is not enough, and the accuracy rate will be greatly reduced.

However, face recognition can be applied to the recognition of user portraits. This is to analyze the user's portrait and understand the customer's membership, male-female ratio, and consumer preferences, without requiring accurate people counting statistics. Therefore, the face recognition people counting analysis system is an analysis of the behavior of people counting, which can optimize the goods, improve the service quality of the customers, and the orientation direction of the men and women.

The professional intelligent video people counting analysis system can not be realized for the crowd portrait, which is its biggest shortcoming. Of course, this is also because its function tends to count the number of people. The professional people counting analysis system is based only on the personnel statistics under the surveillance camera.

To understand the advantages of the professional people counting analysis system, it is a 3D image formed by a dual lens and a complicated people counting algorithm, which is better than other people counting systems. Of course, this is the conclusion drawn from the comparison of its principles and the test of the environment.

The professional people counting analysis system provides real-time and accurate statistics on the people counting in and out, and the obtained people counting data provides decision-making basis for market analysis and enterprise business planning. For the changes in data of passengers entering and leaving the passengers at different times, work plans are formulated, and reasonable organization and management are improved to improve work efficiency.

In summary, the difference between the face recognition people counting analysis system and the professional people counting analysis system is that the recognition principle is different, the equipment installation position is different, and the direction of people counting analysis is different.

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