Shopping Mall passenger traffic plan


The customer traffic of the shopping mall is the biggest leader of the market law. Under the constraints of traffic environment, geographical location and characteristics, who can effectively and scientifically conduct statistical analysis of the number of people, can quickly make timely business decisions on the market and become an improvement store. The business model is crucial. The uncertainty characteristics of passenger traffic are affected by climate, time, marketing and other macro factors. The use of technology to collect and analyze passenger traffic information is a way to grasp business opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary to use a population statistics system in the mall.

Commercial Plaza Customer Statistics System

The number of people in the mall can record the number of people entering and leaving each major entrance and exit of the mall, count the number of people staying in the mall, and be able to specify the customer flow at a specific location. In the customer traffic analysis platform, the customer flow data can be conveniently managed. A variety of passenger traffic analysis, such as the distribution of customer traffic at a certain entrance and exit in a certain period of time, a large number of customer traffic in the mall at a certain time, less customer traffic at a certain time.

The demographic system provides the following benefits for the mall:

1. Utilize the various data analysis results of passenger traffic equipment to better operate the mall.

2. Improve the effectiveness of promotional and promotional activities and assess the actual effectiveness of promotional activities.

3. Master the average time of attention of customers and study new ways to increase attention.

4. Evaluate the customer appeal of each floor and area and determine its contribution to increasing customer traffic.

5. The number of staff is adjusted immediately based on the number of customers in each hour.

6. Calculate the customer unit price based on per capita consumption and study ways and means to increase consumption.

7. The passenger traffic statistics system gives the distribution of people flow in the designated area, gives the distribution of the gold location, and the mall can redistribute the goods place accordingly to obtain the maximum profit.

8. The mall can analyze the historical person flow data to predict the future flow of people in the short term.

9. The mall can improve the sales situation by observing the abnormal part of the flow curve and getting in touch with the time of the mall at that time to find out the impact of various time on the flow of people.

10. The system can give changes in people's flow in different seasons, at different times of the week or at different times of the day. The merchant can analyze the data, reasonably arrange the service staff's work schedule, and the store to achieve the optimal allocation of resources.

11. Give different sections and time of passenger traffic and sales comparison, which can help managers to measure the working ability of staff from certain aspects.

Through the statistics system and the analysis of the passenger traffic in the mall, the mall can discover the internal laws of the passenger traffic, and formulate and adjust the business strategy, public relations strategy, promotion strategy, price strategy, commodity purchase selection, shopping mall layout, service mode and content for the shopping mall. Provide objective and scientific basis.

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