See how the impact of the passenger traffic statistics system on the retail catering industry


In which areas is the passenger traffic statistics applied more? What role does he have? In areas such as the United States where business development is earlier and more developed, the passenger traffic analysis and statistics system has long been popular and widely popularized. Why use the passenger traffic to analyze the statistical system? To put it bluntly, the passenger traffic statistics system is about the big data system of your store. For retailers, this is an important tool for them to understand the store flow, understand the customer's purchasing psychology, arrange employee hours, and arrange holiday promotions. At the same time, they can also analyze the business performance and performance of their stores.

Shopping malls, as a retail-oriented business organization, require refined management, while refined management is based on facts and speaks with numbers. Decision makers and managers analyze the numbers derived from the hardware and software of the shopping malls. And use this data to serve customers and merchants. Passenger traffic is the core element of large shopping malls. Adequate and effective passenger traffic can enhance the profitability of shopping malls. passenger traffic is not only the basis for positioning and investment, but also the key to whether shopping centers can operate successfully. In recent years, accurately counting the number of customers entering the mall has become a necessary means of optimizing the operation of the mall. So, how much is the contribution of the passenger traffic statistics system to the retail catering industry?

What can passenger traffic statistics do?

It is difficult to make a reasonable and convincing division without accurate passenger traffic data. The general analysis of passenger traffic is summarized as follows:

1. Analysis of customer portraits, mainly counting the age group and gender of the overall traffic, interest preferences, education, income level, etc. for label classification management;

2. The consumption capacity of the business district, analyzing the average level of customer consumption determines the premise of commodity pricing;

3. The passenger traffic access path summarizes one or more major customer shopping behavior paths to optimize the shopping mall moving line;

4. The trend of passenger traffic growth, grasping the trend of daily traffic flow is conducive to the development and conduct of marketing work;

5. Repeater forecast analysis, timely identify returning customers to store trends, and predict business performance.

Technological development

After understanding the role of passenger traffic statistical analysis, we first look at the technical development of passenger traffic statistics technology. At present, there are three main types of passenger traffic statistics technology: infrared passenger traffic statistics, video passenger traffic statistics, and WIFI probe passenger traffic statistics. Which of the three passenger traffic statistics techniques is better? This can only be said that in different situations, there are Different needs.

Technology 1: Infrared passenger traffic statistics technology

Traditional passenger traffic management is mainly on the total statistics, and infrared passenger traffic statistics technology may be more commonly used. The infrared passenger traffic statistics technology is based on the statistics of the human body's traffic flow between the blocked infrared rays. The statistical passenger traffic is convenient, the data transmission amount is small, the cost is low, the installation is convenient, and the light requirement is not high. This method is simple and easy to implement, but the shortcomings are also obvious. The measurement by the human body through the blocking of the infrared rays causes the number of leaks when multiple people pass, and the same individual who continuously enters and exits is repeatedly counted. There is a large deviation in the passenger traffic data thus measured.

Technology 2: Wif probe passenger traffic statistics technology

The Wif probe technology can count the number of consumers in the store according to the mobile phone, and can also track the behavior of the consumer in the store according to the mobile phone IP. For modern people who don't leave their mobile phones, this kind of statistical method has been able to understand the passenger traffic situation relatively accurately. Of course, this technology can't help if you don't have a mobile phone or turn off the wireless.

Technology 3: 3d binocular traffic statistics system equipment

Due to the low accuracy of manual counting and the inability to perform long-term statistics, the infrared method can not count the flow of people in both directions, and it is impossible to count the number of customers in the side-by-side. Therefore, with the help of video analysis technology, the new passenger traffic statistical analysis system with an accuracy of 95% should be shipped. Born.

The principle of the 3D binocular traffic statistics system is based on the embedded camera lens to capture video, and then the parallax calculation of the video images of the two cameras to form a 3D image of the person in the video, and the shape and height of the human body are analyzed. The area and direction settings are used to count the number of people passing. By comparing the historical data of the merchant traffic, you can know when the traffic volume of the time zone is reduced, and at which time, which marketing method is used to attract more traffic.

passenger traffic statistical analysis application scenario

Application scenario 1: Wifi probe empowers large-scale shops and shopping malls

The Wif probe technology can count the number of consumers in the store according to the mobile phone, and can also track the behavior of the consumer in the store according to the mobile phone IP. For modern people who don't leave their mobile phones, this statistical method has been able to understand the passenger traffic situation relatively accurately, and the Wifi probe is also the best means for traffic identification under the current line. The landing and data acquisition capabilities are very strong.

Through passenger traffic statistics, we can identify and judge individual consumers for data of three dimensions: path, frequency and duration. For example, the system captures that consumers come to the mall two or three times a month, and each time they come to the mother and baby area, and stay there for a long time. Then, the system can give him the label of “mother and baby”. By analogy, you can give a variety of labels according to the behavior of consumers.

In addition, the passenger traffic statistics system through the Wifi probe can also manage consumers from the dimension of the user life cycle, giving consumers high and low activity, new and old customers, lost customers, returning customers and other labels. The background supports multiple tag combination queries and statistical analysis, such as the analysis of new and lost customers of maternal and child customers. Let the store operators know the changes of the passenger traffic in their own market, and organize various marketing activities in a targeted manner.

In the past, the marketing activities of the malls were all around the holidays and lacked pertinence. With the passenger traffic statistics system through the Wifi probe, the mall can be more targeted. After the marketing campaign is finished, the back-end data can be analyzed to analyze the return situation of the target customers, and the effectiveness of the marketing activities can be evaluated and adjusted in time. It can even analyze the impact of different weather and activities on the store passenger traffic.

Application scenario 2: passenger traffic analysis helps the shopping center

First, the passenger traffic statistics system can determine the level of shop rent for the shopping center. Simply install the passenger traffic statistics system at each entrance, floor, channel, and storefront of the purchase center, and you can get the distribution of passenger traffic at different times. Tenants with excellent performance in the same type of store can be seen immediately and perform poorly. The business area can be immediately noticed, and from now on, the adjustment of the tenant portfolio is no longer blind, and scientific analysis can be carried out through passenger traffic data. More importantly, the passenger traffic data to the shopping mall's investment department provides solid data support in determining the rent level of the specific floor level and the future rent adjustment. Through the observation of the traffic data of the import and export, it can help determine the pricing of the advertising space and reasonably determine the placement of important advertisements.

And the passenger traffic data obtained by the passenger traffic statistics system is combined with the rent level, and the measurable operating parameters are set in the lease contract, which can optimize the income and display the performance list of the investor. Passenger traffic data is also the added value of shopping mall assets. In today's highly competitive retail industry, shopping malls with more popularity clearly have higher market value.

Second, the passenger traffic statistics system systematically introduces customer analysis for the shopping center and formulates a reasonable activity theme plan. The daily statistics of passenger traffic data enable the operations department to understand the operation of the entire shopping center. Secondly, according to the changes in passenger traffic, effectively allocate and arrange property management personnel, maintenance personnel, security personnel, cleaning personnel, etc., and rationally utilize human resources. During the event, the passenger traffic system provides accurate flow data, which can not only visually evaluate the effect of the activity, but also analyze the return of marketing activities and promotional investment in combination with other data reports. In addition, combined with the historical traffic data of historical activities, The comparative analysis shows the law of human flow and provides a basis for the formulation of future activity plans.

Third, the passenger traffic statistics system can provide more detailed analysis reports for shopping centers. The passenger traffic statistics system not only provides passenger traffic data on time and on demand, but also compares historical passenger traffic data with current passenger traffic information. It can also be combined with other existing systems in the shopping center to analyze all aspects of the shopping center and generate more Provide detailed and valuable information for managers to analyze the status quo, adjust business tactics and determine future business direction for detailed performance reports.

Application scenario 3: Application of video probes in the clothing industry and boutique shops

Through the introduction of the passenger traffic statistics system and the installation of the binocular camera, it is possible to statistically enter and exit the store passenger traffic, and analyze the operational KPI through customized customer flow reports, which provides a strong basis for the adjustment of the operational strategy.

Take the ETRO store as an example. ETRO installed 22 binocular camera cameras at the entrance of the store for monitoring, and transmitted the incoming passengers to the cloud server to generate daily comparison reports, daily/week/month summary reports, and the store manager. Headquarters managers can easily control the traffic and conversion rate of each branch through the web version. Accurate passenger traffic statistics provide reference for the location of the store, which improves the management efficiency and service quality of the store, and ultimately promotes the increase of the single quantity and the customer price.

Although the cost of the 3D binocular traffic statistics system is much higher than the infrared passenger traffic statistics technology and the WIFI probe passenger traffic statistics technology, but for the boutique shops facing the middle and high-end consumer groups, the passenger traffic is small, but the data requirements are accurate, this time is not Need to install too many binocular cameras, so the use of video traffic statistics will be far more advantageous than the other two, so as to accurately locate consumers, facilitate CRM management, and increase operational efficiency.

Application scenario 4: Logistics analysis through advertising push

Real-time passenger traffic statistical analysis, statistics of real-time passenger traffic information per day, when the user stays in the front end of the advertising machine for 1~2 seconds, the camera will capture the portrait of the face and can accurately count the gender and age of the resident population in any time period. The merchant uses the passenger traffic statistics to analyze the length of time that the different people reside in the store, the intensity of the regional statistical passenger traffic, the product attention, and the product popularity of different people. Through big data analysis comparison, it is beneficial for merchants to deploy the best operating mode.

Application scenario 5: Accurate marketing through customer flow analysis and consumer connection

When we found out that there is a group of "female-mother-child-child-children's cribs" label, there are also good consumption in "mother-infant parent-child-food supplement", "home-furniture", "furniture-kitchen power and durable", and push baby carriage in the later stage. At the same time as the cot offer, you can also consider adding complementary food, furniture, kitchen appliances and other activities. At the same time, we can find that the customer group with the label of alcohol products has the label of “shopping-food”. Later, when pushing the offer of alcoholic products, they can also push the offer of food to them; A good proportion, in the later stage can also be integrated into the relevant push activities. It is the use of the passenger traffic statistical analysis system to achieve accurate marketing of related products.

Application scenario 6: passenger traffic statistics is to re-establish the connection between the store and the consumer

Applying passenger traffic statistics in physical stores is to re-establish the connection between stores and consumers, using the passenger traffic statistics system, advanced face recognition technology, capturing the number of stores, analyzing the portraits, and counting the gender, age, identity, etc. of the customers. Attributes, through the data analysis report generated in the background, presenting the customer's patronage frequency and repeat customer analysis, let the clerk understand the customer's consumption behavior habits for the first time, find out the customer's consumption preferences and consumer psychology, make appropriate product recommendation and provide professional service.

And seamlessly connected with the POS machine, effectively calculate the bag rate and customer unit price, allowing members to achieve automatic points through the face, discount services, professional consolidation of VIP customers and consumer groups, and forecast passenger traffic lines, clerk targeted adjustment products And display the direction of the cloth, create a scientific and reasonable consumption scene to achieve the perfect interaction between the store and the consumer.

Possible problems with the use of passenger traffic analysis system

Is the data trusted? Available?

You must be confident that the data you acquire is highly consistent and statistically significant. A trusted data portal must also indicate the source of the data so that you can accurately report data to stakeholders within your organization.

Your data looks like an obscure number of numbers, or as clear as a narrative? Can you visualize the data? Sometimes you only need raw data, and at other times you need to visualize the data with high quality data to help interpret the data. Therefore, you should ensure that your analytical solution is both available.

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