The application and function of passenger counter in daily life


The day before yesterday, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Public Transport Group that the passenger counter on the BYD electric vehicle has been upgraded. It is possible to record the number of passengers getting on and off the bus at each station through the network connection. It is no longer necessary to calculate the passenger traffic. Statistics, buses that install passenger counters can be calculated in real time, and big data such as bus passenger traffic statistics will be faster and more accurate.

It is reported that the technology is relatively mature in Shanghai and some first-tier cities, and the bus in Shandong Province is used for the first time. According to reports, Qingdao will be installed on buses of more models in the future, providing data support for the city's public transportation system and citizens' travel. It will also provide data support for line operation and vehicle shift adjustment, so that citizens can travel more smoothly, conveniently and comfortably. . The role of the Watchdog passenger Counter is:

1. Improve the scientific nature of daily business decisions in shopping malls, the comfort of shopping environment, the rationality of human resource allocation, etc.

2. Scientifically and effectively analyze the flow of people in time and space, and make business decisions quickly and timely.

3. Reasonably deploy staff at the peak of human traffic, improve service quality, and increase sales, while reducing staff during idle hours to avoid waste of personnel

4. According to the change law of historical data of human flow, accurately plan future activities, determine time, manpower and inventory order quantity.

5. Combine pos data, effectively analyze the impact of product types and various management strategies on traffic and sales, and thus better manage management decisions and increase sales.

Therefore, for the shopping mall, the data collected by the passenger traffic counter combined analysis is to control the operation cost of the shopping mall and improve the management level of the shopping mall. It is a tool to increase the sales volume of the shopping mall. It is necessary to use this equipment.

The morning before yesterday, the reporter came to the public transportation group Shenzhen Road bus parking lot. At present, the passenger traffic counter has been equipped with tests on BYD pure electric buses. The reporter saw that a built-in camera device with a length of 20 cm and a width of 5 cm was installed directly above the front and rear doors of the bus, and the camera was aimed at the passenger and passenger area. It is reported that the device must be upgraded to connect to the back-end network system before it can be used. The time to upgrade a bus is about 10 minutes, and the upgraded equipment can see the number of passengers on the bus through the background. The reporter saw from the computer connected to the device that the number above the computer will be automatically increased by one for each pass. “The statistics from this equipment will be more accurate than before,” said Mr. Yu Yifu, manager of the bus group Lushan Bus Company.

According to statistics, there are 311 pure electric buses in Qingdao, of which 27 are operated by Shenzhen Road, distributed in 28 routes, 312 routes, 314 routes and 370 routes, and all have been upgraded. The pure electric bus car networking system project plan is one of the key projects of Qingdao Public Transport Group in 2018. It refers to the establishment of pure electric bus vehicle network monitoring system through CAN bus, Internet of Things, modern sensing, digital control and other modern technologies, including The vehicle equipment, the Internet of Things, and the monitoring platform are three major parts. It is planned to realize the pure electric bus vehicle network monitoring system on the 837 pure electric buses updated in 2017, and establish a group pure electric bus monitoring platform. The passenger traffic counter is “on the job”, and the passenger traffic data can be transmitted to the monitoring platform in real time to realize the comprehensive monitoring of the running performance of the pure electric bus.

“The Internet of Vehicles is a local area network in the car. The car and the car form an inter-vehicle network, and then connected to the Internet. The three are based on a unified protocol to realize data intercommunication between people, vehicles, roads and clouds, and ultimately realize intelligent transportation and intelligence. According to the relevant person in charge of Qingdao Public Transport Group, the car network can effectively meet the safety, efficiency, management, environmental protection and entertainment needs of all aspects of the vehicle. It is an important part of realizing smart life in the future and is the future. A major trend in the development of automobiles and public transportation

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