Watchdog binocular passenger traffic statistics camera


In the video detection of passenger traffic and statistics, there are often a series of interference factors: such as shopping carts, suitcases, personnel, crowded and overlapping bodies, people have not entered, etc., and users also need special applications, such as children do not count And the like, the above situation often occurs in practical applications.

In order to overcome the above various unfavorable factors, Watchdog passenger traffic statistical camera uses hardware dual camera, the software uses three new technologies, namely binocular stereo vision technology, three-dimensional target detection and tracking technology, and high filtering technology. It can accurately calculate the number of people entering the country, and can effectively filter out the interference objects, so that the accuracy rate of passenger traffic statistics is over 97%.

Binocular stereo vision technology uses a dual camera to capture the parallax of two images, constructs a three-dimensional scene, and after detecting the target, obtains the three-dimensional information of the target by calculating the positional deviation between the corresponding points of the image, which can accurately distinguish pedestrians from Three-dimensional perspective, interference with items such as carts and suitcases.

The so-called 3D target detection and tracking technology, that is, the camera starts to track when the character appears in the image until the person leaves the image frame, and the camera judges whether to count, so that effectively filtering the repetition count may result in no crowding and partial overlap. The impact of personnel has greatly improved the statistical accuracy of their complex environment. In addition, you can detect people who pass through but not at the door, provide entry rate data, and perform stealth analysis.

For advanced filtering techniques, you can customize the height of the target to set the height of the person who needs to filter the count. For example, a child whose height is less than 1.2 meters cannot be counted, so the traffic data can be compared with the ticket revenue and customer purchasing power to establish contact. After setting the height filter, people below this height are no longer counted.

In the actual measurement, each type of application state corresponding to the above three techniques is simulated. The system responded promptly, customer statistics were displayed correctly, and no errors were found.

Easy to use for web applications Store stream statistics stored in the front camera's own memory can be easily viewed and exported via the client or browser. By selecting daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports, you can select historical passenger traffic query display modes, including entering, leaving, and passing numbers; you can also select statistics time, query traffic data for the corresponding time, and go through the list, Histograms and line charts visualize the image and export it to an Excel spreadsheet. .


1. Novel design, built-in two image sensors, binocular stereo vision technology, three-dimensional target detection and tracking technology, can achieve more accurate passenger traffic and walking direction recognition function;

2, with the corresponding indoor and outdoor models, easy to install and debug;

3. The equipment is adaptable and supports lightning protection. , anti-surge, anti-static;

4, accurate passenger traffic statistics, entry and exit personnel statistics, can display and output date, week, month, annual statistical reports, and support the client and browser to view data;

5. Support third-party platform to access passenger traffic data

Expert review

Watchdog passenger traffic statistics camera has the following remarkable features: accurate statistics, suitable for crowded and scenes of people and objects; construction is very simple, beautiful equipment, beautiful; powerful, can calculate two-way traffic and crowd retention; easy to operate to support the client and Web technology to view data.

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