How much is the passenger counter?


With the development of the Shenzhen passenger traffic counter market, the price is very varied. Let's take a look at the Shenzhen passenger traffic counter.

Chain retail stores have low traffic, and generally use infrared passenger traffic counters. They are mounted on both sides of the door. Once someone passes, the infrared is blocked. At this point, a person will be automatically counted. The price of the infrared passenger counter is usually between 100 and 500 USD

The shopper has a large amount of traffic, and the customer stays for a long time. Generally, the WiFi passenger traffic statistic is used. When the Wi-Fi of the mobile phone is turned on, the device actively and periodically, regardless of whether Wi-Fi is connected or not. Explore wireless signals. The signal contains a hardware ID that the surrounding AP can scan and send to the cloud system, which calculates the location of the device. The price is around 200-1000 USD.

Tourist attractions and stations are very large due to the outflow of passengers per unit time. Therefore, the security risks are high. Generally, video traffic counters are used, which can not only accurately calculate the inbound and outbound traffic, but also clearly understand the basic characteristics of tourists and their appearance. Time and place to find customers in a timely manner under economic conditions. The price is around 300-800 USD.

The above information is for reference only. Watchdog has a strong R&D team consisting of many relevant professional doctors and masters. The main products involve intelligent video analysis server, single-person statistics, binocular statistics, traffic statistics system, and license plate recognition. System and other series.

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