Warranty Term

Warranty Term


All our products is under 12 months Limited Warranty. After that, user may pay for the repairment chips cost. You might want to consider extended warranties term.We make the following limited warranty which is effective at the time of the original end-user purchase. Auto Watchdog warrants this product against defects in materials for a period of one year after the date of purchase. During this period, We will repair or replace a defective product or part without charge to the customer. The customer must send the defective product or part to us or our local authorized dealer. The customer must pay for all transportation and insurance。

Installation and User Guide

The customer should thoroughly read and understand Installation and User Guide before operating any product.

Customer's Responsibility

The preceding warranty is subject to the following conditions:
1.  The customer must notify  us defective product or part and provide a description of the defect and complete information about the manner of its discovery.
2.  All warranty servicing of this product must be performed by Auto Watchdog or an authorized servicing agent.
3.  Warranty extends only to defects in materials as limited in the preceding section.
4.  Warranty does not extend to any product or part that has been lost or discarded by the customer;

Obtaining Warranty

To obtain warranty service, the customer must contact Autodog or the local distributor to report a defective product. The Service and Warranty Manager will assist in troubleshooting the problem and, if necessary, issue a return material authorization (RMA) number. The customer must include this number on the outside of each package shipped to us


Usually we don't offer refund to your order unless samples, but we can help repair them with all favors or offer replacement with new products. We suggest to return us to repair for small quantity. For VIP customers or special tender, we can offer local repairment support or electric scheme.

Packing and Shipping

When a product requires service, only the affected component must be returned. The customer must use proper packing material to ensure against damage during shipping.

Any shipping damage caused by improper packing is not covered under this warranty.

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