Smart Bus Fleet Dispatching

Smart Bus Fleet Dispatching

by IPAS 3.0

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Most of the statistical reporting system in the market is based on the store mall software, and the accuracy is insufficient, therefore the reporting system does not meet the needs of passenger bus fleets users.

IPAS is the 1st dedicated passenger flow analysis software in the world based on the needs of bus fleet enterprises, dispatch management and enterprise operation. It will bring accurately quantify dispatching, optimize passenger management, reduce operation costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue.

Advanced Platform
Dedicated for international bus fleet management and dispatching on passenger flow analysis
and travel demands, to create a better life
Easy for any languages with your own words
Google map locate with customized station list
1st Bus fleet management
on passenger flow
Remote sync all data and
authurized access
Unique Features
Keep 2 years improvements on one software
H5 Pages
Support PC and mobile phone and iPad browsing anytiime &anywhere
Except the history record anlaysis, live bus tracking with station position and passenger data
Live Data
Smartly register devices and bus and stations into system, remote debug to save lots of days
Server Requirement

Server Requirement

Hardware and Software

DeployAny Cloud Server or Client's Own Dedicate Server
InterfaceHttp, Https
User Levels3 levels: Administrator, Company User, User
Operating SystemWindows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
BackupWeekly backup by tool
UpgradeOffline upgrade
TimeOS time, Record use device time
Data DeliveryTCP/IP
Database TypeMysql
Report Formatcsv , xls

Live Data
Rich Chart
Open Data

Safe Priority

Protect system data wealth

1. Password Lock:   

3times wrong password, the account will be locked 1hour.

2. Database Backup:

Support backup database via tool

3. Authorizationl:

Pages, functions under authorized users.

4. Remote Upload:

Upload all records backup in the people counter, and in the SD cards

Live Data

Online Fleet Dispatching

IPAS 3.0 offer powerful live bus fleet management interfaces to monitor their running online.

  1. Live Map Tracking

  2. Live Station Tracking

  3. Live Passenger Traffic and Occupancy

  4. Vehicle Alarm Tracking

  5. Live Vehicle, Passenger, Running Status


Easy Records Management

Millions of records will be generated from bus passenger counters over months. Without good software to analysis them, it will be very hard to get correct conclusion.

No Theory, No Concepts, No Skills.

Everything counts automactially.IPAS is designed to make everyone can understand these data without any skills. Users will see readable realtime record, bus   information, all important value you need. And it also directly show users analsysis results with visual charts, short reports, data compared documents. Customers only see result witout any extra operation.

Rich Chart

20+ Grid & Chart

IPAS 3.0 will show bus managers with passenger counting records and passenger flow traffic by hourly, daily, monthly, yearly.

  1. Original Counting Records

  2. Company Passenger Traffic

  3. Line Passenger Traffic

  4. Station Passenger Traffic

  5. Daily Passenger Traffic

  6. Hourly Passenger Traffic

  7. Monthly Passenger Traffic

  8. Yearly Passenger Traffic

  9. Alarm Record

  10. Alarm Analysis


Control devices remotely and smartly.

Users will save amazing days to maintain our people counter.

  • Smart Register Bus:

  • Remote Collect Station GPS Data

  • Remote Upgrade Firmware:

  • Remote Configure Devices:

  • Sync All Record:

  • Update Stations Files:

  • Shift Bus into New Lines

Open Data

Open Database to ERP

Now all bus fleets has dispatching system. IPAS share computer with other system, also can transfer data to your ERP. Then no cost and no changes.

Open API to The 3rd Platform

IPAS is designed to share data to any other platform which offers better service for passengers.So everyone in the world can enjoy a better and faster bus service asap.

Open to APP Services

Watchdog hope more and more good APP are made by our customers, bus fleets and transport authority. These APP will offer realtime convenient bus status so all passengers can enjoy modern transportant depended on our exact counting records. These data from counter and APP, will improve bus running mothed and optimize stops, then offer a faster and comfortable bus.

Demo Server
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it works now
User: demobus
Pass: 123456
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