Learn Passenger Counter

Learn Passenger Counter

How the system Work?

Learn how counter works and placed correctly in real bus, to save your heavy time on passenger counter installation.
Not Everywhere is Counted

Not Everywhere is Counted

Fast understand the technology

Detection Field Range

Different from your idea, video passenger counter not count a direct square area. The binocular cameras works same as people eyes.

The effective counting zone is limited by visual technology. Same as our eyes, the closed zone (from lens 20-30cm) called dead area, people will be not count correctly if the head or hat enter into this position.

Therefore, the accuracy must consider the average height of passengers, and installation height.  Obviously, 100% accuracy will be impossible if high passengers get on or get off the bus at the left or right side.

The middle zone will be the most reliable, two sides of doors, will be a little bad.

Children less than 1 meter will be not counted. We called ignored zone

How to Measure Height?

How to Measure Height?

Installation height decide accuracy

Get Camera Height Range
Binocular Cameras ask for 20-30cm dead distance, therefore, height installation distance will keep better accuracy than short door buses.
Camera Lens toward Height
2.8 mm-------H:1.85-2.1M----Small Bus
2.8 mm-------H: 2.1-2.3M ----Standard Door
4 mm--------H: 2.2-2.6M ----Higher Door
6.0 mm--------H: 2.4-3.0M -----Double Decks
Camera Placement

Camera Placement

Important cameras position in different buses

Standard Position
Drilling a hole if no suitable position and too short
No damage on the bus roof and keep open vision
Inserted Position
Backup Option
Special stairs and short height should consider other entrance
Correct Connection

Correct Connection

Easily run counter with simple connectors

BPC Connectors
Bus passenger counter must connect video cable, door sensor,  ACC cable correctly. If need integration to other system, must use RS-232/485.
Door Sensor
Video Connection
ACC Ignition
Typical Bus Installation

Typical Bus Installation

BPC can work for most of buses in the world

City Bus
Standard Doors and Step
Special Door and Step
3-4 Doors
Small Bus
Short Doors
Our Projects

Our Projects

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